Tips on Cleaning Sliding Windows by Aluminium Windows & Doors Sydney

Windows that slide are especially ideal for property owners who want to view the outside nature without being obstructed while still enjoying the functionality and protection of windows. It is extremely easy to operate these windows. You simply slide the window to either close or open it. Cleaning windows seems to be a challenging task for many people. So how will you clean sliding windows?

Step 1: Prepare the Required Materials

You can save a lot of effort and time by having the necessary materials ready. Since the materials will be readily accessible, you will not have to waste time getting them from all over your home when cleaning your windows.


Step 2: Removing the Window

This is an easy process if done carefully. Remove the window by simply sliding it past its lift blocks. Place your hands at both sides of the window. Then lift it off the track. Then remove it towards you. Repeat the same process for the other windows. Put the windows down carefully. You should put them in the safest area possible to avoid any damage.



Step 3: Start Cleaning the Windows

Clean the windows using a soft cloth and a solution for cleaning windows. Clean the entire glass thoroughly. You should clean both sides. In case the glass pane has some stains, remove them to give the class a spotless clean surface. While cleaning glass, it is recommendable to use an s-shaped cleaning motion. You can start the motion from the top most left corner and proceed downwards.

Once done cleaning, use a clean, dry and soft cloth to dry the glass. You may also use absorb-able clothes like those used when cleaning cars. Also remember to clean the window’s track and the entire area around the track.


Step 4: Put the Window Back

Once you are done cleaning the window, and you have allowed it to dry completely, it is now time to reinstall the windows i.e. put them back in place. Put the window back properly by putting it in reverse of the way you removed it. Ensure you put them back securely to ensure that they will not fall off the track accidentally.

At first, it might be challenging to remove the windows. Putting them back properly in place is also challenging when doing it for the first time. Hence, you should learn and understand how to remove and put them back so as to make it easier and smoother when doing it in future.

Cleaning these windows may not be easy for many people especially the first time and when doing it on their own. You will need to learn and develop some skills to finish the entire cleaning process perfectly.

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