Calculating Compensation in a Philadelphia Personal Injury Claim

Calculating a personal injury claim for personal or clinical negligence is not easy, and it is best to be done by an experienced personal injury lawyer. However, in this article, we will give you some information that will help you calculate your compensation on your own. The received compensation for a personal injury is never a randomly chosen sum of money. It is always a carefully calculated amount. Your compensation is made of two separate aspects of your injury – one is the emotional aspect, and other is the physical aspect. The emotional aspect consists of suffering for your pain and loss of amenity and the second one consists of any financial expenses you have been put to because of the injury or negligent medical treatment. Now, let’s see how you can calculate different kinds of financial personal injury claims.

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Special Damages are paid to cover all the expenses created as a result of your injury.  Claiming for special damages means you are actually asking for a reimbursement.  It is possible to reclaim expenses such as travel costs for medical appointments, loss of earnings, voluntary time spent by friends and family helping you do tasks that you would normally do yourself, costs for medicines and so on. When filing a claim, you will be asked to prove your loss, so make sure you keep all your receipts.

When it comes to travel expenses, you have the right to claim a certain amount of money for mileage to the appointment and back, and when it comes to the loss of earnings, you can claim for the time you have had to take off from your job. This is done by calculating lost wages. To prove your loss, make sure you keep your pay slips. If you needed special care during your recovery, even if it was voluntary, you can claim for it. You can claim for friends and relatives if they helped you get out of bed, dress, wash, bath and similar. It is also possible to claim for any devices and medical equipment you had to buy to aid you at home. Medical devices and equipment such as walking sticks, cushions, special beds, bath stools and similar are included.

As long you keep your receipts and prove that everything you bought was a result of necessity, you can claim for it in special damages. Of course, it is not possible to accurately calculate your financial losses and reclaim them without having an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side. Claiming for special damages doesn’t have anything to do with living in a compensation culture where people sue for the most trivial injuries. We are only concerned here about people who have suffered real injuries because many individuals still don’t realize that they have a right to claim compensation if they have been hurt or injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault. False personal injury claims may grab the headlines, but they will never see the light of day in court.