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    Baykee Internet + 3 phase ups inverter solution for data center

    The comprehensive solution of the Baykee Core modular data center covers: cabinet-level BK-IMG series, platoon BK-IMP series, pool-level BK-IMC series, all including cabinets, power distribution, refrigeration, security, environmental monitoring, etc. Subsystems are simple, efficient, and reliable, providing a total solution for data center construction needs of different sizes.


    For the communication network center computer room, indoor base station and outdoor base station, Baykee has many solutions, providing users with energy-saving security based on Baykee power frequency UPS power supply, modular UPS power supply, energy-saving EPS power supply and base station dedicated UPS power supply. The emergency power supply solution is reliable, stable, efficient, and small in size.


    According to the various need for the ups, we have offered many solutions for our clients. At meantime, we got many successful project. The Baykee IDC data center refrigeration system emergency power supply solution developed for the IDC data center computer room precision air conditioner and other loads, integrates a number of leading and fast switching patented technologies, convenient selection, energy saving, reliable, cost-effective, has been running stably in the country super IDC data centers such as Computing Center, World Data Center, Baoxinbao Cloud, China Telecom Smart Cloud, etc. for many years.

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