NBG Landscapes Reveal Sydney Landscaping Secrets

If you want to add appeal to your lawn while boosting curb appeal, then try smart landscaping. However, you do not need to break the bank when trying to make a huge impression. Use these professional tips shared by NBG Landscapes to add functionality, texture, color, and focal points on your landscape.


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Plan for a Year Long Appeal

Consider planting evergreen shrubs. They retain their leaves or needles all year long such that they always provide color and cover. They give you some appeal even during winter.

Evergreens are beneficial when placed close to the house especially in front of the corners. They can assist in softening the vertical lines of your house and giving it an inviting look.


Use a Walkway to Connect Points of Interest

A simple way of making a good statement with your landscape is plunking down one or two giant rocks. Use them to create boulders on your landscape to break up the monotony using a different material.


Use a Berm to Bring Life to a Corner

A good way to add interest to your landscape is building a berm. You can build a mound and cover it with a flower garden or a rock. Berms add texture and color to a plain and flat lawn with colored stones, foliage, or flowers.

Berms will also add height when built as a mound. They can be placed anywhere but they are most effective when placed at the corners of a lawn.


Use a Water Feature and Make it Look Natural

You can use a water feature such as a small container unit even if it stands alone on your patio. Make it look like it is part of the surroundings. You may use some stones to build it up or any other available materials.


Add a Sitting Area

A good way of providing an outdoor escape is installing a patio towards the edge of a lawn and away from your house.

You can build it as a concrete sitting area or use pavers or stones. You can build it near tall flowers or trees to give the space some privacy. Also use benches or chairs on the landscape for outdoor sitting or reading purposes.


Combine Different Plants

It is advisable for homeowners to select different types of plants that bloom during different seasons of the year. This will make it possible to showcase ornamental leaves throughout the year.

Otherwise, if all flowers were to bloom all at a go, they will look attractive just for one season and lack any color during other seasons.


Illuminate Walkways and Focal Points

If you want your landscape to remain attractive throughout, then consider installing lights such that it will be seen even during the night.

Lights play several roles such as adding attractiveness to the landscape and illuminating the sidewalks and steps for safety. Lights will also showcase all the points of interest on your landscape at night.

With these pro tips and landscaping secrets revealed, you will have more fun working on your landscape and enjoy the wonderful results of your efforts.


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