Innovative Digital Marketing In B2B Setting

B2B is a diverse business model. The traditional strategies for B2B require including outbound and direct techniques that still many firms are using. But in this era of digital revolution buyers are attracted towards the digital touch points.

There are digital marketing strategies that can increase leads, client base and return on investment. Some important strategies include Video shows, podcasts and live streaming.

Read this post by AJ Agrawal at about ideas that can help you in 2017:

Three Big Ideas That Will Drive Digital Marketing in 2017

By AJ Agrawal

As brands look at their planning for 2017, it’s time to ask which consumer trends are going to drive next year’s most effective digital marketing strategies? There are three big ideas that will drive digital marketing strategies in the coming year. They have to do with the changing demands of today’s digital consumer.

So what are these “big ideas?”:

• Health and fitness – Consumers are aware of the negative impacts of an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. They’re defining health differently, not just as the absence of sickness, but as positive choices they can make that will help them live a healthier life. What’s more, they’re seeing tech as part of the problem, but also as part of the solution.

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Video ads have gained much popularity due to the increased visual learning that takes up a major population. At the other side of this variety podcasts have also became increasingly used marketing technique. It’s progressively growing in popularity from the last few years.

Check out these useful digital marketing ideas at for 2017:

3 New Digital Marketing Ideas for 2017

Marketing managers are people who always think differently. They have the foresight and the sixth sense to hear the footsteps of the future. The year 2016 saw quite a happening time where the world of digital marketing went through several changes.

There was a rampant increase in the use of social media, people preferred videos over texts and a great thrust was there in the retail reality. The coming year will bring a big change in the scenario, and only those who will be equipped and updated with most relevant Digital Marketing ideas will win the race.

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In the B2B business setup video blogging is a widely used technique, marketers themselves have the ability to easily create live stream videos by using tools such as Meerkat or the Twitter owned periscope.

Same as the podcasts the video shows build a series of ongoing episodes having a specific focus or a topic opposite to the curiosity approach. The narratives make it easy for the viewers to get it and make them less doubtful for the business motives or its promotions.

Also watch this video by MarchesEnvTech for 10 useful marketing ideas: uses various techniques to educate the customers, provide tutorials, educational themes and how-tos.