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    One-stop Purchase:


    1. Design

    CAD/ 3D Design


    2. Product

    One-stop solution

    Full range of power products supply, offering one-stop purchase, such as low frequency transformer-less online UPS system, high frequency transformer-based online UPS system, outdoor online UPS system, and hot-swappble Modular online UPS system. We are deliver your entire power protection strategy.

    3. Transport

    Wooden packaging

    Safe transportation

    Our loading team with many years experience in loading goods, make sure all the equipment with good condition before shipping. The ultimate purpose for customers receive satisfactory products.

    4. Install

    Installation all over the word

    We have been to the Pakistan Bank ..., to help our customers complete the installation of equipment.

    5. Warranty

    2017 years -

    Regular client: 1 year

    Tel: 0757-82026950

    E-mail: info@baykee.net