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  • HD Series 750va to 5000va line interactive UPS

    HD Series 750va to 5000va line interactive UPS

    HD Series ( 1000VA-5000VA ) single phase low frequency line interactive home online UPS system uses line interactive technology and provides a sinusoidal output with power factor 0.8. It consists of inverter, automatic voltage regulator, conversion circui
    Type : HD Series
    Phase : single phase
    Power Factor : 0.8
    Input voltage : 100/110/127V; 220/230/240v
    Input frequency : 50/60Hz

    HD Series Brief introduction:

    HD Series ( 750VA-5000VA ) single phase line interactive UPS power supply system uses line interactive technology and provides a sinusoidal output with power factor 0.8. It consists of inverter, automatic voltage regulator, conversion circuit, main control circuit and display alarm circuits etc. It is designed to protect your computer and other important electronic equipment from power failure, brownouts, sags and surges. When the utility power is normal, UPS has voltage regulation function by internal automatic voltage regulator, meantime charge the battery. When the utility power is unnormal, ups can change the battery energy into pure sine wave AC power, make the load work. It is the ideal solution for the protection of Computer center, Network management center, Communication system, Automatic control system, ATM, Precision instrument and equipment, household appliances etc.

    HD Series Main Features:

    • Two appearance design: Tower type and Rack-mounted type

    • Intelligent digital control technology, make pure sine wave output

    • Intuitive LED Status Indicator, Humanized LCD Display

    • 0.8 output Power Factor lives up to the load trend and stronger load

    • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR), wide input voltage range, improve the output voltage regulation accuracy

    • Line interactive mode design: high-efficiency, high-power charging ;

    • Intelligent battery management, extend the battery life

    • High efficiency inverter, make the performance more stable and reliable

    • Automatic startup when AC recovers

    • RS232 Communication Port, Optional USB and SNMP Card

    • Superior Protections, input voltage, frequency overrun protection, surge voltage protection, over-current protection, output short circuit protection, over temperature protection, battery overcharge and over discharge protection.


    Power Watt600W800W1600W2400W4000W
    Work ModeLow Frequency Line Interactive
    Voltage Regulation FunctionAdopt Relay smart multi-gear adjusting voltage
    Output Voltage Regulation Precision±5%
    PhaseSingle Phase ( P+N+PE )
    Input Rated Voltage100/110/120VAC Or 220/230/240VAC ( According to Users' Voltage Standard )
    Input Voltage Range ±25%  
    Input Rated Frequency50/60Hz ( Self-adaptive )
    Input Frequency Range ±5%
    Charging ModeThree-stage Intelligent Battery Charging
    Float Charging Voltage27VDC
    Equalized Charging Voltage28.2VDC56.4VDC
    Temperature Compensated Voltage3mV/℃/cell
    Charging PowerRated Capacity* 20%
    PhaseSingle Phase ( P+N+PE )
    Nominal VoltageEqual to Input Rated Voltage
    Inverter Output Voltage100/110/115/127V;220/230/240V ( According to users' Voltage standard )
    Inverter Output Degree of Stability±1%(steady load ), ±3% (fluctuation of load )
    Inverter Frequency Degree of Stability50Hz, 60Hz<±0. 5%
    Crest Factor>3:1
    Inverter Output THDPure sine wave, Linear load<3%, non-linear load<5%
    Transfer time<5ms
    Overload protectionOverload LevelUtility Power Mode
    >150%Immediate Protection
    Input ProtectionVoltage, Frequency Ultralimit Protection
    Output ProtectionOver Current, Short Circuit Protection
    Battery ProtectionOvercharging, Short Circuit Protection
    Temperature ProtectionOver-temperature Protection
    Hardware Fault ProtectionFuse over current Protection, Surge Voltage Protection
    Alarm FunctionAudio Alarm
    System Parameters
    Work TemperatureTemperature: 0~40℃, Relative humidity: 30%~90% , Altitude<2000m ( power reduce 1% every 100M raised, 4000M utmost)
    Cooling MethodForced ventilation
    Communication interfaceRS232 ( Optional USB, SNMP card)
    Protection LevelIP30
    Safety PerformanceI/O on ground resistance (3000VAC), stray current less than 3.5mA, insulation resistance exceeding 2MΩ(500VDC)
    Tower Type Dimension    ( W*H*D ) mm145*225* 360195*345*460195*445*500
    Rack-mounted Type Dimension ( W*H*D ) mm482*88*300482*133*400482*222*450
    Weight (Kg)

    Baykee reserves the right to change or modify product design, construction, specifications or materials without prior notice and without incurring any obligation to make such changes and modifications on Baykee products previously or subsequently sold.