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    What is the Input Power Factor (p.f.) of the UPS at different loads?

    Power factor is a function of phase displacement angle between voltage and current and distortion factor. It is calculated as a ratio of real power to apparent Power drawn by load. PF is low at lower loads and goes on improving at higher loads. PF is also lower at higher input voltage and goes on improving as voltage reduces. Input Power Factor is independent of type of load for double conversion technology.

    What are the differences between 'Online' and 'Offline'?

    Off-line systems are usually low cost products designed for a simple one or two user PC installations, they offer little or no protection against most supply problems and really only give support for short-term power loss. The load is fed from the mains during normal operation, hence 'off-line'. On-line UPS systems are regarded as 'high-end' and employ more sophisticated technology which uses a rectifier and inverter, hence 'double-conversion'. This effectively isolates the load from virtually all types of power supply problems.

    What is your advantages

    We are professional UPS manufacturer for more than ten years and we have these staffs with rich production and R&D; Excellent workers and skilled engineers; Our aims are to provide every customer high quality, reasonable price and excellent service; we can guarantee to send the goods on time. And also accept any transportation ways that you require 

    what’s your payment?

    We can accept payment terms of T/T, Western Union, PayPal. Samples and trial order accept PayPal ,T/T & Western Union. normal order accept T/T &Western Union; 30% ADVANCE DEPOSIT after buyer's confirmed payment, the balance should be paid before shipping when goods are ready.

    How about your after sales-service?

    Guarantee time: all of our products with 2 year warranty; Spare parts: spare parts will be shipped with your order; Return policy: we can exchange goods if quality problem.


    Can I monitor my UPS over a network?

    You need to fit an SNMP card into the card slot in the UPS; This will enable you to monitor the UPS over a local network; Instructions on how to set this up is all in the SNMP card manual.