Creative And Safe Office Glass Manifestations

Businesses love glass manifestations. Apply them to the glass partition in an open office or vestibule, a glass door, or a front window. Adding a manifestation to your glass can help you alert people to its presence, increasing safety and stopping them from walking into the glass.

You can also use corporate branding on your glass manifestation, giving extra exposure to your business brand at the same time.

If you are interested in using a glass manifestation, follow our simple four-step system to get started.


Step 1: Use glass partitions in your office space.

They’re a great way to divide the space without blocking light, maintaining a feeling of openness, transparency and collegiate working, but enabling the office to be divided a little into different uses, which can be a great benefit for productivity. Click through here to learn about the different types of glass partitions.


Step 2: Make sure that you are complying with health and safety regulations by deciding to use glass manifestations.

It is required by law that full height partitions as well as glass doors and windows must have a marking on them that draws attention to the presence of the glass, preventing people from walking into the glass and getting hurt. A good supplier can help you both meet these regulatory requirements and get creative!


Step 3: Contact your chosen glass manifestation specialist.

Always call for expert installers of glass partitioning suitable for office spaces, as well as the glass manifestations to go on them. They use building regulations carefully as part of our design process, ensuring that your manifestations both look gorgeous and enhance safety.


Step 4: Choose your glass manifestation.

Take a look at some of the examples below, to see how we could help you find glass manifestations that really suit you and your business. We have clever and creative designs, from patterns to logos and can provide you either with a selection of our in-house designs, or work with you to produce an entirely bespoke style.