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  • BK31 Series 3kva to 110kva emergency power supply

    BK31 Series 3kva to 110kva emergency power supply

    FEPS series BK11 small power and BK33 medium, high power FEPS, the capacity is from 0.5KVA to 500KVA, This series products adopts high-speed MCU and CPLD, controlled by Software Programming. The power devices adopt the most advanced sixth generation low l
    Type : BK31 Series
    Phase : three phase
    Power Factor : 0.9
    Input voltage : 165~242VAC
    Input frequency : 50Hz+-5%

    EPS Series Brief introduction:

    FEPS series BK33 medium, high power three phase emergency power supply, the capacity is from 3KVA to 110KVA, This series products adopts high-speed MCU and CPLD, controlled by Software Programming. The power devices adopt the most advanced sixth generation low losses high power IGBT and static switch. The series products is the power supply products with international newest control devices and the advanced software, is a dedicated power supply which is applied to fire emergency equipments. 

    EPS Series Main Features:

    • Screen cabinet design, intuitionistic big screen LCD with Chinese, English display, LED status indication.

    • The flow diagram running status visual display, intelligent icon touch button, tabular data display, events records display, Chinese and English optional menu operation.

    • Inverter back-up work mode design, high speed static transfer switch.

    • Intelligent digital control technology.

    • High-efficiency IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)inverter technology.

    • Excellent load feature.

    • It completely meet load step from 0-100% while no need change to bypass, and make sure the output stable, reliable

    • High-powered dynamic feature.

    • Adopt kinds of feedback control such as instantaneous control mode and virtual value, not only realize the high dynamic adjustment, but also reduce the output voltage distortion.

    • Adopt 6 pulse rectifier charger, Intelligent battery management.

    • Selectable battery inspection module.

    • Can measure single parameter and display on the LCD, Battery failure will immediately alarm and inform the administrator.

    Intelligent detecting function.

    • This system microprocessor can continually online detect power status, the breaker status and all the working status. Like meeting the faults, EPS immediately protect, alarm and notice the administrator.

    • Intelligent communication interface.

    • With RS232 and RS485 standard collocation, optional SNMP, selectable dry connector, adopt non-source contactor to reach the monitor of the EPS.


    Input voltage, frequencyphase voltage 165~242VAC, Line voltage 323~418v, 50Hz+-5%
    Emergency output voltage frequencyphase voltage 220V+-3%, Line voltage 380V+-3%, 50Hz±0.5%
    Emergency output wave formsine wave, distortion factor<3%(linear load)
    Dynamic characteristicsDynamic transient range <±10%, transient recover time<20mS
    Overload Protectionover load 120% normal running, over load 150%  immediately protect  
    Transfer Time<0.1s(Static Switch, switch), the biggest time<5s, can manually transfer
    EfficiencyEmergency power supply>90%, main power supply ~closed to 100%
    transfer functionmanual and automatic transfer function
    Mandatory startstart mandatory start switch, work in the emergency mode, meantime close battery low voltage protection
    DisplayLED display: Mains indicate (Green), Emergency indicate (Red), charge indicate(Red) and faults indicate(yellow). LCD display: input/output voltage, output current, inverter voltage, frequency, output current, battery pack voltage, temperature work mode, flow diagram, current work status, events records and systems information etc.
    Running environmentTemperature -25℃~55℃
    Relative humidity0~90%
    charge functionbasically complete to battery charge in 24 hours and again discharge, it reach above rated time *80%
    insulated Resistanceinput/output to ground insulated Resistance >=5MΩ
    withstand voltageBetween input/output and shell withstand frequency 50*(1+-0.01)Hz, voltage 1250*(1+-0.1)V for 60s+-5s, shouldn’t happen surface fly arc or breakdown phenomenon
    leakage currentWhen 1.06 times nominal voltage works, the leakage current<=0.5mA
    Battery typemaintenance-free sealed acid battery
    nominal battery voltage192VDC384VDC (32pcs 12V batteries)
    battery static  discharge static discharge current<=10-5C20A
    charge voltage216VDC432VDC
    Battery low voltage protection168VDC336VDC
    discharge time>3H
    Computer Communication InterfaceRS232/RS485
    Cooling down methodCOMPULSIVE VENTILATION
       noise (dB) (according to load and temperature) 1M away from the machine