The Art of Architecture and Human Health

Architecture is the form of art which combines technology, expression, and the satisfaction of human needs. Its purpose is to create places where people will feel more alive,  fulfilled, more human. In other words, architecture is the art which combines human behavior, technology, and beauty.

It has long be recognized that architecture is influenced by many factors, but the question that remains is how often do we really pay attention to the needs of the users, to the behavioral, social and cultural determinants of the design and to the role of a good design in affecting human behavior and overall health of human beings?

How Can Architecture Influence Human Behavior and Health?

Many types of researches have been conducted on this topic. On the course of these researches, many neuroscientists and psychologists worked together in an attempt to find enough evidence to back up the connection between architecture and human behavior and health. They came to a conclusion that there are special cells in a certain region of our brains that react in a particular way to geometry and the arrangement of the spaces we inhabit and that buildings and cities can really affect our mood and our well-being. Namely, these studies have shown that growing up in a city where buildings and other objects and the living space of the people are arranged without any order can increase the risk of social stress and the chances of people developing various mental disorders including depression, chronic anxiety and in some serious cases even schizophrenia. This can occur as the result of the lack of cohesion in neighborhoods and social bonding. Therefore, urban living space can change the brain biology of some people, affect their health and lead to the issues mentioned above.

What Can Be Done To Change This?

To moderate the potential cognitive effects of architectural designs on a city’s inhabitants it is important for architects to prevent their urge to design something unique and individual override their considerations of how that can shape the behaviors and health of the people who will live with it. They should always be aware of the importance of urban design and the fact that it goes far beyond nice aesthetics, and with this notion in mind they should try to create urban environments that people will both like and find stimulating.

But if it happens that people find themselves in an environment and a building that they do not consider so appealing and healthy they can always do something to change the appearance of it. They can either hire an architect to help them arrange their living space according to their desires and needs or try to do that themselves. They can change the appearance of their apartment at least by shaping the walls to resemble the figures they like if possible, remove a part of the wall, doors, and windows and place them elsewhere, etc. To achieve this they will need Bigcut Concrete Cutter and the help of professionals capable of operating such equipment and the best they can find in Big Cut Sawing & Drilling.

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