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    Uninterruptible Power Supply -OEM business with Baykee China

    Baykee have OEM business, OEM products is including to:


    1. 1-500kva transformer less online ups system.

    2. 1-800kva transformer based online ups system.

    3. 1-600kva modular online ups system.

    4. 1-3kva outdoor online ups system.

    5. 750va-5kva line interactive online ups system.

    If you are our OEM, you can enjoy OEM price, provide more solutions and after-sales service , and so on. So welcome to contact us.

    Tel: +86-757-82026952 | Fax: +86-757-82207159 | E-mail: info@baykee.net | Website: www.downshiftradio.com

    Baykee OEM flow chart